5 comments on “New Additions…

  1. Chase says:

    Nice would love to hear about any drinks you made with the yellow Chartreuse… I love Last Words so I’ve only really ever had a bottle of green around.

    • B says:

      I’ll see if I can put together a couple of decent drinks with it…post will follow soon. Tried a Monk’s Mule (recipe via The Passenger in DC) swapping out the yellow for the recommended green, and it was tasty…normally would be gin, GC, lime, ginger beer…like a mashup of The Last Word and a Moscow Mule.

    • B says:

      Just posted reviews on two cocktails made with Yellow Chartreuse. Let me know what you think…I got positive reviews from some people visiting re: them. http://wp.me/p2tbv3-47

  2. What’s Root like? I haven’t been able to find it over here, but it sounds interesting.

    • B says:

      Root tastes like root beer…not sure what to use that in yet…the Rhuby version (rhubarb spirit) has been good in a few things, though.

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